Who we are and what
we do

Founded in 2017 by Ryan and Erik Pancheri.
We are an innovative company using technology to propel itself into the entertainment
industry by using data analytics to revolutionize live event ticket industry.

"Proud and honored to be a
part of The Best Team in
Business - REPS & Co!"

Doug Sanchez

"Thrilled to be part of a tech-savvy, data-driven company and grateful for the chance to work in such a vibrant setting."

Carolina Guillen

"The values we share and the dedication of the teams makes me proud to be a member of REPS & Co!"

Karla Gonzalez

"Working at REPS has been one of the best decisions I have made for my career and has helped me get to know people from all around the world."

Mariana Rumualdo

"Scratch a dog and you'll
find a permanent job!."


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